Earthworks Services

D'Amico Stables & Earthworks, LLC began as equestrian boarding stables, and has expanded to provide skid steer and excavator services in areas of digging and dozing, including foundations, driveways and sidewalks, and recycling/transfer stations, finish grading and backfill applications, such as landscaping and site prep.



The best way to fight basement leaks and serious foundation damage is to prevent them with an effective drainage system. Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. We're ready to assess your property and implement reliable, cost-effective options for you and your family.


Grading is configuring the surface of the land by removing or adding earthen material to shape the land to best suit the project. Grading establishes and controls the new drainage patterns. In order to be cost effective, the grading de-sign should allow for the efficient collection, conveyance, and detention of storm water runoff. Proper grading prevents wet basements, damp crawl spaces,foundation damage, eroding hillsides, and muddy stream waters.


Land Clearing

We work closely with contractors, developers, homeowners and municipalities, preparing land to make way for new structures or improvements. With heavy-duty equipment and experienced team members, we can quickly and efficiently achieve your desired end result. Every job is completed with high attention to detail and utmost care to minimize negative effects on the environment.



Topsoil is commonly removed during the grading and excavation step of site preparation for a new home or business. Yet trying to establish a lawn or planting trees directly into this exposed subsoil commonly leads to a total lack of growth. Adding topsoil in is the best way to get your lawn, garden, and other plantings to grow well from day one. We also offer topsoil delivery.


If a new driveway is needed, our team ensures the land is properly graded before installation. If an existing driveway requires repair, we analyze the issue and work to strengthen the life of your driveway. Our team is also available to upgrade your driveway using advanced techniques.



At D’Amico Stables & Earthworks, we own the heavy-duty equipment that makes hauling a breeze. Hauling services are provided to residential and commercial customers year-round. Whether you have excess gravel or dirt to be moved, or need assistance with debris disposal, we can get the job done. We are also available to discuss contract hauling.


Tree & Stump Removal

If you have a large tree that grows well on your premises, chances are you will eventually need a quality tree removal and maintenance service. Removing tree stumps can be the most difficult part of tree removal. We can remove tree stumps from your home quickly and even fill in the hole where the tree stump was to create the illusion that it was never there to begin with.